The Newcastle Budgerigar Club was first formed in 1957 as a branch of the Budgerigar Society of Australasia (BSA).

The BSA branch was disbanded in 1965 and a new Club formed called The Newcastle Budgerigar Club. The Club has continued uninterrupted ever since.

The Newcastle Budgerigar Club is an Associate member of The Budgerigar Society of NSW.

The Newcastle Budgerigar Club has members Australia-wide and have many successful exhibitors at local, state and national levels along with judges who are currently, or in the past, on the National Judging Panel.

Club members welcome the opportunity to share there wealth of experience and knowledge with other fanciers.

The Newcastle Budgerigar Club welcomes all levels of budgerigar keepers from the beginner hobbyist to national exhibitors and judges.


The Club Committee and members have done much in the past to maintain and improve the Club's image and to pursue its objectives and will continue to do so.

Where possible the Club has undertaken community involvement. In the past it has held shows at major shopping centres to profile the Club to the public and talks have been given at schools and elsewhere to also give others a better understanding of Budgerigars and their welfare.

Our most notable achievement however was in 1991. Club members raised funds for and ultimately constructed a large aviary called Betcherrygar House at Ronald McDonald House in the grounds of the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle. Ronald McDonald House is a residency for terminally ill children suffering from cancer or leukaemia.

The aviary is permanently stocked with Budgerigars from the aviaries of our members and is maintained on a permanent roster system by several members.

The aviary was the first built in Australia for that purpose.